Shri Ram P.G. College

About Us

Lt. Ram Ratan Prasad Jaiswal
Director Say's

In today's antitrust era where population and unemployment are at the extreme limit, keeping in mind the similarities and problems of equality for the solution of this problem, this college was established in 2005 with the help of Shri Ram Ratan Foundation Varanasi so that The Panchkoshi Chhatra and Kashi Province's Sahari and rural students / students should be given the height in the knowledge of the world from which they can not get their destination The purpose of keeping this name in the name of this college is to be named in the name of Shri Ram Ratan Jaiswal, our Goddess. Ram Rattan Jaiswal, the Late Late Ram Ratan Jaiswal, lacks the high education of Algebra and other subjects in this Sahri / rural area. Not only to end, but to study and develop excellent and social mediocrity in the students / students, in the highest positions of employment and competition. Wanted to ensure the achievement. For the purpose of converting their objectives, this Mahadayalaya is organized with the help of Shri Ram Ratan Foundation Varanasi.

Our Mission

Communicate confidence and self reliance through students and students through appropriate education, alert them to social and economic rights and duties.Development and promotion of the overall personality of students and students.To create awareness about the employment of ather and girl students, prepare them to face the challenges of simplification, privatization and globalization by awakening consciousness towards self employment.

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